Past Delights Inform Today’s Treasures

Everything old is new again in the world of brooches. Vintage styles from the Art Deco period inspire bold designs, graphic elements, nature motifs and bold, daring gemstones. Even the 1920s trend for transformable jewelry is fresh again, from tiaras that convert to individual pins and pendants to brooches that double as scarf or hair pins. Brilliant gemstones accent gleaming precious metals in popular shapes:

  • Hummingbirds
  • Peacocks
  • Flowers
  • Dragonflies and
  • Trees

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Vintage brooches and contemporary pins are the ultimate accessory for a professional wardrobe, casual attire or special cocktail dress. From trendy designs laden with colorful semi-precious stones to classic forms showcasing sparkling diamonds, Elite Fine Jewelry presents it all.

Some of the most popular and beautiful brooches take their themes from nature, with beautiful flowers, birds, dragonflies and trees. Others are inspired by religious or cultural symbols, from crosses to crowns, family crests and hearts. All of these designs are made more alluring with the highest quality elements. Diamonds, topaz, turquoise and other precious and semi-precious stones can enhance an already-appealing setting and elevate it to true art.

At Elite Fine Jewelry, we provide a variety of pins in a wide range of sizes, styles and price points so that you are destined to find the perfect piece for any occasion. Browse our large collection of brooches at our convenient Pacific Heights location or find out how easily we can create a custom design just for you.