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Make the Occasion Shine Brightly with Diamonds

Diamond Jewelry
Put a sparkle in that special someone’s eyes with the gift of glittering diamonds from Elite Fine Jewelry. Radiant pendants, dazzling solitaire rings and chic earrings are sure to delight, whether they are meant to celebrate an engagement, birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.

What better way to symbolize the strength and character of your commitment than with a gorgeous stone forged by the earth’s magnificent pressure? The hardest natural mineral in the world, diamonds show that beautiful things can result from extraordinary and challenging circumstances.

These amazing earthen conditions forged the gems millions of years ago and create two of the stones’ most import features. As you begin your search for the best gemstone for your occasion, you’ll want to consider the infamous four “C”s: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. The first two, color and clarity, are products of nature’s forces. Ranging from completely colorless and slight yellow tinges to the
extremely rare gems with pink, lavender and red hues, these gorgeous stones offer a tint for every style.

The final two of the four “C”s, cut and carat weight, depend on the skill and craftsmanship of the master cutter. The gem’s cut maximizes the radiance of light and creates the diamond’s legendary glimmer. In the hands of a true master, these stones are turned into works of art that symbolize the fortitude and beauty of nature.

With all ranges of colors, clarity, cut and carat weight available, we are delighted to help you find the gem that fits your life, love and budget. In shapes ranging from round, pear and oval to emerald, radiant and marquise, these glittering stones take on their own character when lovingly set in gleaming platinum, white, yellow and rose gold.

With decades of experience, we are happy to help you find just the right diamond for your life, so drop by our showroom or call us today.