Diamond Jewelry

Reflect the Light of Joyous Life

The time-honored beauty of diamond jewelry is an ever-present symbol of love. With inherent sparkle, the stones dominate today’s fine accessories. Most popular in white or yellow tints, gems in darker and more vibrant hues create the “fancy” diamonds. In the fancy set:

  • Paler stones are more expensive
  • Yellows are most common
  • Pinks and blues are moderately rare and
  • Purple, red and green are rarest

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Few things in life are as elegant or as ethereal as beautifully set diamond jewelry. Spectacular rings, striking pendants and impeccable earrings are just a few of the selections available in Elite Fine Jewelry’s extensive diamond collection. Whether you are celebrating a daughter’s graduation with a gorgeous necklace or simply looking for a bracelet to accessorize a special dress, you’ll find the most appealingly designed trinkets in the heart of San Francisco’s Pacific Heights.

The Collection
The most cultivated designs and highest quality gems fill our gleaming cases with a diverse and elegant selection. Our diamonds are cut to showcase the precious stone’s clarity and to enhance its carefully fashioned setting. Our ensemble includes some of the finest accessories in the Bay Area

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