Diamond Rings


Diamond Rings

The Essence of Beauty

Dazzling fashion statements and eternal symbols of love, diamond rings are the ultimate expression of style and devotion. Our collection features beautiful diamond-accented floral designs, Art Deco bands and spectacular engagement rings in the finest settings and cuts, including:

  • Shapes that maximize sparkle such as round brilliant, marquise, oval and pear cuts
  • Traditional emerald, princess, triangle and heart shapes
  • Channel settings
  • Pave diamonds and
  • Eternity settings

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Celebrate your special occasions with magnificent diamond rings from Elite Fine Jewelry. With one of the finest ring collections in the Bay Area, we are proud to offer diamonds for every cherished event. Engagements, weddings, anniversaries, commitments, birthdays and graduations are made more memorable and significant when they are commemorated with a stunning, sparkling ring.

We specialize in diamond rings of all styles, from stunning eternity bands and glittering solitaires to spectacular wedding sets. We are devoted to providing gems in all sizes and with the highest quality clarity and cut so that you can fully enjoy your glittering treasure.

We want your ring to be personal and extraordinary, and we are delighted to offer custom ring design to suit your individual preferences and desires. Our jewelry designers are skilled at creating a design that reveals the diamond’s true beauty and highlights the metal’s complimentary shine.

At Elite Fine Jewelry, we are dedicated to helping you find the diamond rings that make your momentous life events spectacular.