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A Promise of Forever

“I ask you to pass through life at my side — to be my second self, and best earthly companion.”
― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Proposing marriage can be exciting and scary and life-changing. Make sure you are thoroughly prepared for your unforgettable engagement with an exquisite ring from Elite Fine Jewelry. We present all of the finest rings available, including trendsetting solitaires, traditional gem settings and gleaming designs using platinum and gold.

Fashion Forward
With Kate Middleton leading the way, sapphire gems encircled with diamonds are extremely fashionable and have opened the door to engagement rings of all colors. Experts expect the vogue of colored gemstone rings to last for years to come, with the latest styles featuring the vivid aqua hues of tourmaline, the placid tones of blue topaz, the sunny blush of citrine and yellow topaz and the ever-stylish purple sapphire and amethyst. Accentuated with glittering diamonds or stunningly set in simple platinum, these chic rings will be cherished for a lifetime as a special recognition of your prospective bride’s flair and individuality.

Engagement necklace sets featuring gleaming gemstones rings and matching necklaces and earrings offer a non-traditional approach to betrothals. In a wide variety of styles, these sets present a timeless addition to your new bride’s jewelry collection.

Cultural Globetrotting
While 80 percent of American women receive engagement rings, others prefer to honor distant cultural traditions for their engagements. Enchanting Irish Claddagh rings, Hindu bichhiya toe rings and Bengalese gold and silver bangle bracelets are moving tributes to other cultures and perfect symbols of the new marriage.

A Traditional Union
Dazzling solitaires and sophisticated clusters of diamonds are the most classic betrothal rings and are treasured for their radiant sparkle, unique precious metal settings and traditional symbolism. Select a matching wedding band or custom design a band to create the ultimate representation of your eternal commitment and devotion.

Elite Fine Jewelry’s experienced jewelers delight in helping prospective grooms choose the perfect rings to accompany the ultimate wedding proposals. Call us today or drop by our Pacific Heights showroom to see our expansive collection. We’ll help you make this proposal an event to cherish for all time.