Getting Top Dollar for Your Unwanted Diamonds

Every jewelry collection needs a few sparkling diamonds, but those same diamonds can become unpleasant reminders of outdated fashions and old relationships. Selling your old, unwanted diamonds is now easier than ever, with the help of a trusted, reputable jeweler like San Francisco’s Elite Fine Jewelry.

A little preparation and knowledge about the process can be invaluable when selling old jewelry. Here are a few tips to help you gain the highest possible reward when you sell your unwanted diamonds.

Establishing Value
If you have the time, it’s best to have your diamonds cleaned and appraised before selling them on the open market. Gather your paperwork such as any diamond certificates you may have received at the time of purchase. If your diamond was less than $1,000 or $2,000 at the time of purchase, an appraisal probably isn’t worth the time and effort, so a handy diamond certificate can be helpful. If your diamonds were passed down the family tree, and you don’t have your diamond certificate, don’t fret too much. Our experienced jewelers at Elite Fine Jewelry are always happy to offer complimentary evaluations of your jewelry.

Be Conservative
It’s a great idea to keep expectations realistic. Diamond markets fluctuate, escalating 49 percent in the first six months of 2011 and dropping slightly in 2012. Conditions that may make diamonds very valuable one day may not hold true the next day, so keeping a conservative perspective on the value of your own diamonds can be helpful. Trusting a reputable jeweler is important in this regard since an experienced, principled jewelry store will offer fair, equitable prices for unwanted diamonds.

What to Look For in a Diamond Buyer
In your quest to sell unwanted jewelry, look for an authoritative local jewelery store that presents a few very important traits:
A loyal, repeat clientele demonstrates the jewelry store’s dedication to providing superior customer service time after time.
A jeweler with a reputation for offering fair market value to its customers is more likely to offer you the best value for your unwanted diamonds.
An established history, experience in the industry and a solid reputation are the hallmarks of a diamond buyer who has the knowledge and skill to provide outstanding service.
A diamond buyer with a permanent physical location highlights the jewelry buyer’s stability and commitment to the community. Brick-and-mortar store sites provide a private and safe place to do business and are reassuring to those who wish to sell valuable jewels.

With a little research, you can pass on your unwanted diamonds to someone who will love and cherish them, while making money in the process. For Bay Area residents, Elite Fine Jewelry pays top dollar for unwanted diamond, gold, platinum and silver jewelry; provides 20 years of jewelry-industry experience and has earned the trust of its faithful customer base. Visit or call Elite Fine Jewelry today for a complimentary valuation of your unwanted jewelry.

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