Pearl Jewelry

Pearls of Wisdom and Beauty

Extraordinary luster and captivating hints of color create timeless pearl jewelry. Our astonishingly beautiful golden pearl is a showpiece of natural beauty, and our wide array of fine accessories offer classic allure and fresh inspiration. Whether in hues of white, pink or black, these gems create some of the world’s most enchanting treasures:

  • Elegant strand necklaces and chokers
  • Gleaming post and drop earrings
  • Exquisite bracelets and
  • Stunning solitaire rings

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Incomparable iridescence makes pearl jewelry a popular choice for elegant necklaces and earrings. At Elite Fine Jewelry, we cherish our high quality cultured pearls and present them in a variety of settings.

Our master craftsman has a special affinity for the little gems and ensures that we offer the finest stones available. The little beauties are found in nature in a variety of colors, ranging from white to black. We are proud to display dazzling gold pearls, and we are delighted to offer an array of designs and styles, including beautiful strands, brilliant earrings and alluring rings.

We treasure the opportunity to create a luminous piece just for you. With decades of design experience, we excel at creating compelling pieces and unique settings.

From classic strands to chic and avant-garde rings, we offer it all. Drop by our convenient Pacific Heights store to discover the many beautiful settings and designs of our gorgeous pearl jewelry collection.