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Flashy cocktail rings with grand stones, gorgeous solitaires and classy bands encourage women and men to show their sense of style. With abundant choices in precious metals, vibrant gemstones and elegant designs, bridal sets and wedding bands are as unique as their recipients. For fashion pieces, choose the colors, stones and styles that are most in vogue:

  • Floral designs with boldly colored gems
  • Bird and wildlife motifs with ethereal accents and
  • Vividly colored aquas, blues and citrus gemstones

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Build memories that last a lifetime with gorgeously crafted rings from Elite Fine Jewelry. Our extensive selection contains only the finest designs, highest quality and best pricing available in the Bay Area

With a well-earned reputation for a carefully chosen collection, we offer a diverse array of the Bay Area’s finest baubles for women and men. Dazzling diamond clusters, sparkling pave diamonds and exquisitely crafted designs are just part of our ensemble. We also offer bands set with some of the most vibrant gemstones and jewels available, including:
Peridot and

Whether you are looking for a fashion piece, an artisan ring or a trinket for a special occasion, we are here to help you find the perfect piece. Our unwavering commitment to outstanding service extends to our promise to offer the highest quality at the best possible prices. Once you’ve browsed our vast collection of rings and you’ve experienced our personalized service, you’ll never consider going to an expensive chain store or department store jewelry counter again.