Sell Jewelry

Refresh your accessory collection and sell jewelry to the experienced professionals at Elite Fine Jewelry. You’ll earn money for unwanted gold earrings, silver necklaces and diamond rings while making room in your treasure chest for more upgraded pieces. We offer the ultimate in appraisal with instant price quotes and immediate payment.

Gold, Silver and Platinum
Take advantage of the rise in the markets for precious metals by bringing your old, broken or unwanted trinkets to our convenient San Francisco location. We purchase all types of precious metals and gemstones, including earrings, bracelets, brooches, chains, rings, and fine watches. We’ll even buy your gold and silver coins, giving you immediate payment on items that would otherwise sit unappreciated.

We purchase individual pieces and entire estates, including bronze statues and fine paintings.

Whether you are re-organizing your life or simply seeking to upgrade your collection, we make it easy to sell jewelry for cash.

Sell your jewelry and earn cash today

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